Am I My Brothers Keeper? A Biz2Biz Perspective. (3 Minute Read)

Am I My Brothers Keeper? A Biz2Biz Perspective. (3 Minute Read)

As a Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur….What am I Doing to Help Others Succeed?

There are many reasons why we started our own business. Independence, being your own boss, a great product or service. One thing we strive to do is, offer our community our best!

What about your business neighbor?

We do look for our own interest in succeeding in business; but what about the helping others to succeed in business?

Are we being more proactive in offering their product or services to those we know. Are we willing to share insight on tools, education and resources that will help their business grow? Do we do all we can to seek those in business who may need help?

Are you willing to offer YOUR BEST!

Helping others is overwhelmingly satisfying! Imagine a business colleague receiving a call for their services/product and you were the one who referred them; it creates a synergy of willingness to pay-it-forward. Our region has many opportunities for small business to learn and be educated on growing their business; share those with your business neighbor. Capitol Business Connection has partnered with such agencies that are there solely to help small businesses, veteran businesses and many others; we share weekly and sometimes daily these forums of education. We encourage all to share so the branches of success can grow! There’s no better way to find out what a fellow business owners needs are than to ask questions. ‘What keeps you up at night when it comes to running your business?’ Is one great question. It’s then you’ll understand what they are looking for and thus share who you know and what you know.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours- Less Brown

That can’t be more true than in today’s business climate. Be the person that seeks the advantage of others not just our own! Be the person who shares your knowledge so all businesses can succeed!

So, let’s get out there…..together we’ll make a difference!

About the Author.

Paul De La Torre is Co-Founder of Capitol Business Connection.

Our Mission is to see Small Business succeed in our region. ‘We Connect Your Business in the Region!’ We believe “Successful Businesses are the Ones with the Best Tools, the Best Education and the Best Resources!”

Please Join Us!

We contribute a portion of our ‘Your Business….Your Success!’ Membership to Non-Profit Organizations that help Small Business Grow!


When it Comes to Running Your Business…..What Keeps You Up at Night?


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