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Don’t Miss Out on These Small Business Write Offs!

It?s that time of year again-tax season! Small business owners everywhere are scrounging around for old receipts and frantically doing paperwork in preparation for tax day, all while keeping up with their regularly scheduled CEO duties. Amid all the craziness, it’s easy to miss out on some great write off opportunities. But anything that can […]


Am I My Brothers Keeper? A Biz2Biz Perspective. (3 Minute Read)

As a Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur….What am I Doing to Help Others Succeed? There are many reasons why we started our own business. Independence, being your own boss, a great product or service. One thing we strive to do is, offer our community our best! What about your business neighbor? We do look for our own […]


Using Games to Create a Better Customer Experience (3 minute read)

A growing trend that I’ve been writing about recently is “Gamification,” defined by Wikipedia as “the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order toengage users.” Companies are using games to enhance the customer experience and engage with their customers, as well as their employees. Engage Customers with In-Store Games with a […]


Should You List Your Home in the Holiday Winter Months or Wait Until Spring? By Lucy Garcia

Recently, I listed two homes within days late October. One home went pending in three days and the other has been 3 weeks on Market with no offers as of yet. My seller is getting a little anxious and lots of advice from outsiders to take his home off market and wait for Spring. I […]


The Way You Run Your Business Will Never Be The Same!

The Way You Run Your Small Business Will Never Be The Same! The No-Hassle Way to Stay on Top of it All Start-Run-Grow your way with Capitol Business Connection & Membership! Just $39.95 a Month We have partnered with NFL Hall of Fame Player Fran Tarkenton to bring the most comprehensive Small Business Membership […]



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