Identity Theft is at an All Time High!

Identity Theft is at an All Time High!

The recent cybersecurity attack that hit the credit reporting agency Equifax is being called the “worst data breach in the history of the modern era,” by money expert Clark Howard.

To help you navigate this potentially devastating incident “that isn’t going away” for a long time we’ve put together this guide that walks you through everything you need to know about the breach and what you can do to protect yourself going forward!

Equifax, one of the nation’s three main credit reporting agencies (the other two are Experian and TransUnion), that exposed personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers or two-thirds of all Americans with credit reports.

According toEquifax, hackers exploited a security vulnerability in a U.S.-based application to gain access to consumers-personal files. The company has not yet said which application or which vulnerability was the source of the unauthorized breach.

In the world of hacks, scams and data breaches, this is about as bad as it gets.

And while Equifax reports that 143M Americans were impacted, we really have no idea how many people had their information stolen. With a breach of this magnitude, it’s way too early to know exact numbers. So whether youthinkyour information was exposed or not, it’s crucial that you take steps to protect yourself.

Plus, the threat isn’t necessarily immediate. Criminals have the information they need and they can decide to use it whenever they want-whether it be weeks, months or years from now. This is why it is so important that all Americans take the right precautions now!

DO NOT sign up for Equifax?s bogus offers!!

In its statement about the breach, Equifax announced that it’s offering consumers the option to sign up for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection.

It may sound like a great offer, but the company that just exposed all of your most personal and sensitive information is now going to protect you from identity theft?

Highly Rated ID Protection

IDShield has consistently been rated very high on working to notify you and restore your good name! What does this mean? If any of your information has been breached, such as Medical, Social Security Numberor Credit History.ID Theft Shield will assign an Agent if you become a victim of identity theft, they’ll spend up to $5 million to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity. IDShield also offers protection for you when you are surfing the web; no other ID Theft program offers what IDShield offers!


Since 2013, over one billion records have been compromised in America.

Your personal information now lives online. Sharing an email address or even a credit card number is part of everyday life, but more than ever, this makes you vulnerable to thieves.

IDShield?s comprehensive identity protection service diligently monitors for signs of criminal activity and gives you all you need to keep your identity secure from thieves and fraud.

See below all the ways your IDShield plan gives you the upper hand.

Alex Thomas Sadler contributor.


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