We have been making remarkable progress in our work with small business entrepreneurs. 2015 saw tremendous growth in our reach with new products, new platforms, and new partners.

OUR MISSION: Small business is the backbone of America. Through our efforts to connect with business owners, business groups and the local community, we will network on behalf of your business. Our unique membership will provide your small business unparalleled support! Our goal is to foster, enable and facilitate the success of your small business, thus making small business the backbone in the region!

There’s several ways your business can become a Capitol Business Connection Member.

  1. Become a Member with our GoSmallBiz Partner! LEARN MORE!*
  2. Become a Capitol Business Connection ‘Your Business…….Your Success’ Member! (info below)
  3. Become a GPS Mobile Advertising Member! Just choose one of our packages stating at $10 a month. LEARN MORE!#

* Add the ‘Your Business…..Your Success’ Membership for only $9.95 a month! (save $10)

# This Membership is an add on to the ‘Your Business…..Your Success’ ($9.95 + Package)

‘YOUR BUSINESS……YOUR SUCCESS MEMBERSHIP: 25 or less employees and single entrepreneurs $19.95 a Month $20 One (1) Time Processing Fee. (as long as you maintain your membership, it will never go up) In some cases we will include 2 business as long as they’re in relation to each other; another great value!

Note: As mentioned above, this can be purchased as an add on for $9.95 a month as part of the GoSmallBiz Membership or as a total GPS Mobile Advertising Membership.


CAPITOL BUSINESS CONNECTION BUSINESS LISTING: Visitors to our website can click your business card that links them to your business bio, your address with a pin that shows your location. Link your website, Facebook and other social media sites on your listing. Add Hot Deals & Events. Also add pictures of what you do best. You will be given your own Capitol Business Connection listing URL so you can share your bio. Have your clients make a recommendation, it will appear on your bio listing. Your Capitol Business Connection is not just a listing, it’s a destination to grow your business!


WORKSHOPS & EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: No matter what type of business you’re running one things for certain, the life of the business owner is ridden with challenges. Education is key to wading through those challenges.

We conduct workshops that your business will find useful and beneficial; some of these educational programs will cost you nothing as our member. We are proud to have partner with local no-profit organizations that provide education on many of the forums you need to run a successful business. We donate a portion of our membership to ensure these organizations solvency; your membership is not only a great value but also very civic minded; we thank our members for helping our efforts.

The people with the best education, the best knowledge, and the best resources, have the best chance of success!




Celebrate your business! These events can be a Grand Opening or designed to introduce your business to the region! We help coordinate and promote your event. All our members benefit by being part of your celebration; so lets plan a party!


VENDOR TABLE: Event vendor tables has long been an inexpensive way to expose your business. As our member you’ll have the opportunity to have a vendor table at our events at no cost to you.


SMART PHONE ADVERTISING: Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! As a member you will receive 3 months FREE advertising on our Smart Phone App that features a GPS capability where you can target the customers you want and way you want.


SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING: We monitor your Facebook page, website listing Hot Deals & Events and share it on our Facebook page. We also have committed partners on Facebook who are willing to be Tagged. This is “Pay it Forward” at its best!


MEDIA MARKETING: Did you know that according to some experts YouTube is one of the best social media tools to expose a small business? We will come to your business or interview you in front of our beautiful banner so you can show off what you do best! We edit the video and upload it to our YouTube channel. You will not find this value anywhere!


MOBILE MARKETING: Company websites are going mobile. With the advent of the Smart Phone, more and more people use it as their mini PC. Capitol Business Connection’s website is fully mobile automated. Buttons allow direct links to your bio, hot deals & events; this mobilization is important in growing your business and you’ll only find it here!


NETWORK MARKETING: When you hear “Network Marketing” what do you picture? “Multilevel” company correct?

With your membership we become your Marketeer! We connect with the community at events all over the region. We have Ambassadors who attend meetings as well. We also connect your business with any group or persons that need your product or services We promote our website and Facebook with individuals we meet, this is certain to move your business forward positively!


BUSINESS WALKS: Our business walks are unique. What are business walks? We walk from business to business to find the needs of the owner and recommend them to our members. If you are a Biz2Biz company this will be valuable asset!

All our members benefit from business walks! Have a flier, coupon or sample? We can hand them out to the owner in a leave behind packet.


EMAIL MARKETING: We connect your business with our massive database! Your Hot Deals, Events and YouTube videos are all part of our email campaign.

Dondre Flyer


We help to promote fundraisers and non-profit groups. If you are in need of promoting your event we can help. With fliers, event locations and much more.

* Check your Membership Package for inclusions and exclusions.