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Don’t Miss Out on These Small Business Write Offs!

It?s that time of year again-tax season! Small business owners everywhere are scrounging around for old receipts and frantically doing paperwork in preparation for tax day, all while keeping up with their regularly scheduled CEO duties. Amid all the craziness, it’s easy to miss out on some great write off opportunities. But anything that can […]


Pro & Cons of a Small Business Standard Tax Deduction (3 Minute Read)

Under the current political process there’s a mention of expanding the Standard Tax Deduction for all Small Business operations. The standard tax deduction is available to all individual and small business taxpayers. Tax deductions for businesses reduce income tax liabilities. Those who operate sole proprietorship or Sub-chapter S corporations (where all net income is allocated […]


The Limits of Your Knowledge (3 Minute Read)

I don’ know everything. That might sound like an obvious statement, and I would hope that every other person would be willing to admit as much, too. But even after acknowledging the limits of your knowledge, what are you doing about it? Because I don’t know everything, I make it a priority to keep on […]


8 Ways to Avoid Common HR Mistakes

Carefully vet your new hires. Always take the time to review employment history, contact references and interview all new hires. Avoid hiring someone as a favor or simply because they are a friend or family member. Make sure they are qualified for the position and are a good fit for your business. It is also […]


Welcome to a Local to National guide to the best deals & popular events…..all on your Smartphone!

Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! For many small businesses, advertising can be an expensive proposition. For the consumer, advertising can be a boom in savings! The’re many ways for the consumer to save money at popular locations such as restaurants, salons, retail stores and many more. One of the most popular ways consumers save is by using […]


You’re a 1099-Now What? 4 Minute Read

You have decided to leave your employer and make a go at a consulting business on your own. Perhaps you were a stay at home mom and now the kids are in school and you opened up a small interior design business from your home. Or, you are the recent graduate of an arts and […]


Sell the Customer Experience, Not the Mechanics Behind It

The connection between customer service and marketing is undeniable. If you deliver good customer service, let people know as part of your marketing efforts. And you can expect an effortless marketing boost as well, as happy customers talk to their friends about their experience. Smart companies know the value of promising “and delivering ” great […]


Minimum Wage and Your Small Business

The debate to raise the minimum wage, by how much and not at all, has heated up nationally and locally; at Capitol Business Connection we’ve been aware of the debate and have been doing our research. As Small Business Advocates, we will be doing our part to assure that you the small business owner will […]

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